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Quantum Bit Demonstrator

There has been a tradition to have a lab experience for advanced undergraduate physics majors, being both compelling and educational, by building corresponding instruments for demonstration. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to have practical setups for quantum systems, which is often operated at cryogenic temperature or in high vacuum chambers as it is extremely fragile to environmental disturbances. Moreover, the normally high cost associated with specialized equipment make it less accessible to students, e.g., in an undergraduate lab. 

The nitrogen vacancy (NV) centres in diamond is an ideal candidate for lab demonstration as its associated electronic spins, a typical two level system, can be initialized, manipulated, and read out via a custom-built fluorescence microscope operated at room temperature and ambient atmosphere. Based on the large ensemble of NV centres, Quantum Bit Demonstrator is built as a convenient and cost-effective lab demonstration setup which is easy to handle and can even be set up by students from scratch. 

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