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About Us

Quantum technology has already been associated with our daily life, e.g., the atomic clock used as time standard in our cell phone is one typical example of quantum physics in action. Nevertheless, the modern higher education of quantum physics, mainly via “pen” and “paper” (theoretical approach), makes it “opaque” (less understandable). Therefore, a clear understanding of quantum mechanics, especially some real hands-on experiences with proper demonstration kits, is highly desired for university graduates who might enter this multi billion-dollar quantum industry. In this project, we aim to develop a teaching-oriented portable setup that allows students to acquire fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics. This can be achieved by manipulating the spin defects hosted in diamond materials via optical means. The students can easily gain an intuitive feeling for quantum physics by

1) designing their own experimental protocols,

2) performing quantum measurements,

3) analyzing the obtained data, and

4) exploring the potential applications using such a developed setup.


The expected learning outcomes, including the basic understanding of the rules in quantum mechanics, will effectively bridge core quantum concepts with emerging cutting-edge applications. Furthermore, we introduce 2 new diamond based technologies offered by our company this year based:


  1. High-Quality Nanodiamond samples with Ultraclean Surfaces

  2. Targeted Creation of Spin Defects (NV centers) on universal substrates

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